Thursday, 13 October 2011

Tighter criteria leads to halving of fire risk assessment members

Fire risk assessment membership of the Fire Industry Association has more than halved following the introduction of tougher membership criteria in April.
There are now around 40 member organisations providing fire risk assessment services, compared with the 85 companies listed before the new criteria came into force. Evidence of quality control, insurance and individuals’ competence in now required for membership.
“The change moves the membership closer towards full third party certification, and is a major step forward from the previous declaration to abide by a simple code of practice,” said the FIA.
“The exercise has certainly highlighted that many companies will need to establish quality procedures within their businesses, if they are ever going to be ready for full third party certification. Whilst we have lost 20 or more companies from the list on a permanent basis, we continue to work with another 25 to help them get through the process.”

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