Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fire Sprinklers Cost

The cost of residential fire sprinklers has become affordable to most. According to present estimates, installing a fire sprinkler in residences will cost between $1 and $1.5 per square feet of built-up area for a new house. For an already built house the costs may be higher. The cost of installation is expected to drop as the sprinklers get accepted by more customers and with the reduction in the production costs. The use of PVC pipelines which are common in residences are cost effective and can bring down the cost further. Unlike metal pipes they are rust free too. If the fire sprinkler is installed while constructing a new house or while renovating an existing one, only minimal amount of labor and piping is required as the ceilings, attics and walls can be easily accessed at these stages.
Home fire sprinklers are smaller when compared to the conventional industrial and commercial versions and they can be installed without being easily noticed and matched with the interior color scheme. The water required by residential fire sprinklers is much lesser than commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems. You need not lay separate pipelines for residential fire sprinklers as it can be connected to the existing pipelines.

By installing sprinklers at various points in residences such as kitchen, living room, attic and other places, the activation of the system in case of fire can be localized to the area where the fire occurs. This ensures ease of control, saves water and also reduces the damages caused by water. There is also a saving in home insurance premium offered by insurance companies for homes with fire sprinkler systems to the extent of 10% to 15%. Maintenance cost of home fire sprinkler system is also relatively less.

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